Employment Law

Employment law

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– Employment and termination of employment relationships

– Negotiations 

– Layoffs

– Employee rights in the event of transfer of ownership of undertaking

– Severance agreement and liabilities

– Dispute resolution


How to get severance package!

How to get severance package!

When can you get a severance package? Severance package or termination agreement is a term used for an agreement with the employer in connection with the termination of the employment. It is common to agree on a severance package in a number of cases. For example,...

Wrongful termination!

Wrongful termination!

Statutory protection of wrongful termination In this article we'll look further into the employees' protection as a result of wrongful termination. The Working Environment Act says: §15-7: (1) The employee can't be terminated unless it's factual justified in the...

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